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Are you trying to study for an upcoming exam? Even though most examinees plan out their detailed study plans in advance, sometimes life gets in the way. Only having a few days to cram for a test can give off the feeling of imminent doom. But don’t panic! There are things that can help you maximize those few days before your test.

Many people think that cramming for a test means merely reading the assigned readings repeatedly. This is better than doing nothing at all, but it isn’t the most effective way either. There are tried-and-true methods for making the most of your precious study time that will ensure that, though you might not have the highest score on your test, you have a good chance of passing it.

Keep on reading for tips to help you prepare for and pass your exam, maybe even with flying colors!

Plan a Strategy

Having a strategy is a crucial step in preparing for a test. Instead of hitting the books willy-nilly, it’s highly recommended to have a thorough, written plan on how to go about your review. Creating a strategy might take a bit of time, but it will save you a lot when you are actually studying. Avoid having to waste time flipping through unnecessary topics that might not even come up in your exam.

To create an effective plan, you need to pinpoint everything that is going to be covered by the exam. Go over your notes again and break down the content into main points and secondary points. This can serve as your checklist to tick off every time you reach a particular topic during your study session. Aside from letting you check your progress, doing this will also help to encourage and motivate you. Another important aspect to consider in a strategy is your timetable. You need to figure which time of day you work best and set specific dates and times to study each topic.

Once you have laid out your strategy, you can go ahead and begin your review!

Make the Most of Spaced Repetition

Some exams require heavy memorization. If that’s the case, you will most likely depend on repetition. It’s common knowledge that repetition helps memory, but most people are unaware that the pacing of repetitions is also crucial. Studies show that you can learn more when study repetitions are spread out over time rather than crammed into a short period. In addition, taking those quick breaks in between repetitions isn’t the most effective way to study. One option is to alternate between subjects when doing repetitions. With this, you can have a better recall of what you’re reviewing.

Get Enough Rest

Take breaks! Studying for an exam needs a lot of focus. Sometimes, you can lose that focus when you get stressed and irritable or just plain tired. One way to refresh yourself is by taking a break. Consider breaks as a tactical retreat. You’re not surrendering; you’re just withdrawing to gather your forces and attack again at a later time.

Most importantly, don’t miss out on sleep! It might be tempting to pull out all-nighters, but these can actually do more harm than good. Being deprived of sleep can negatively affect your capacity to do complex cognitive tasks. As a result, missing a few hours of sleep in exchange for more cramming time may be counterproductive. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep the night before a test, even if it means spending less time studying.

Do Your Best!

Having to cram for an exam can be overwhelming. But don’t lose hope! Just follow the tips provided throughout this article, and you’ll be golden: plan a strategy, space out your repetitions, and get enough rest. Best of luck! 

Your better off not cramming, coming up with a study plan, and executing the plan. This is ultimately the best way to pass any exam. If you are interested in a study plan check out our amazing HG Tutoring Package custom made for the PSI exam!

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