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PSI Overview and Application Process
Written by Kate Tofuri & Dee Kumar, July 1  2021 | Updated July 6, 2021 |  Blog What is the PSI Real Estate Exam Application Process in Massachusetts?
You've completed your Real Estate pre-licensing education- great job! But now what? Here is a brief overview of the PSI Testing application process to help get you licensed. 
First, you'll need to get the student handbook (which includes the application packet). For the most up to date version of the Massachusetts Real Estate Student Handbook, please visit PSI EXAMS for the MA Real Estate Candidate Handbook.

Next, you'll need to complete the application its entirety. 
This includes:

- Personal Information: All personal information to be filled out and signed. This includes name, date of birth, social security number, address, and contact information as requested on page one of the application packet.
- Photo: Be sure to attach a recent, clear photo to your application packet. For reference, think of a passport photo in terms of size and style.

- Payment: Payment is required at the time of application via credit card, bank check, or money order. No cash or personal checks are accepted. The fee for first time test takers is currently $85 ($54 testing fee + $31 application processing fee). Individuals with Active Military Duty and Military Veteran status are eligible for a discount- please see "For Active Duty or Military Veterans Only" below for more information.

- Education/Work Experience: Verification of pre-licensing education (for first time applicants), work experience (for Broker applicants with at least 3 years of full-time experience as a salesperson), or education waiver for out of state applicants licensed in a state with a reciprocity agreement with Massachusetts.

- CORI Form: Criminal background information and a completed and notarized Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) form. Please note: you CANNOT sign the CORI form without being in the presence of a Notary Public. Notaries can typically be found at your Town Hall and most banks, or you can search for a local notary here.

- Proof of Pre-Licensing Education: A stamped and signed education completion form with the school stamp code of the real estate school you attended. This will be provided by Host Group Real Estate Academy (or the school you attended for your pre-licensing education. Be sure the school you choose is authorized by the MA Board of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons .

- Personal References: Candidate endorsement page with three (3) personal references including their names, address, occupation and signature. These contacts CANNOT be related to you nor can they be acquaintances you met during your pre-licensing class.

- For Broker Candidates Only: Employing Broker Certification stating that you have been a full time agent (at least 25 hours per week) for a minimum of three years. This can be broken into multiple brokers if you haven't worked under any one broker for the minimum required amount of time.

- For Broker Candidates Only: Real Estate Broker Bond for $5,000. You can obtain this bond from most insurance agents or bond companies. A list of Real Estate Bond companies can be found here.

- For Active Duty or Military Veterans Only: Active duty and military veterans are eligible for a discounted testing fee ($54). You will need to provide your card number and card verification number.

- Exam Accommodations Request: If you are disabled and would like to request special accommodations for testing, please visit PSI's website to submit your request.


PSI Processing Time & Scheduling

At this time (Spring 2021), PSI Testing Services is only accepting emailed applications. Once your application packet is complete, please include it as a single attachment and send to:

Once your application is processed by PSI, it will automatically be sent to the MA Board of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons for approval. Upon approval, PSI will reach out to you directly to inform you that your online candidate portal is now open and you can schedule your exam. This may take several weeks so please exercise patience. You can request an application status update by emailing:

Once approved, you can choose from a local testing center or take your exam online in a proctored online exam setting. You will need a valid photo ID on the day of your exam as well as a credit card to pay for your license on site if you pass both the National and State portions of the licensing exam. The fee for your license is between $103-$150 as it is prorated depending on where in the calendar year your birthday falls. Your license is good for two (2) years from your upcoming birthday.


Your almost there! You finished the course, now get that application and all supporting documents off to PSI so they can start the processing clock.  Now start developing a study plan and execute.  As of the time of this writing, PSI is taking around 25 business days to process the submissions so you have some studying time baked in. Also don't forget to sender authenticate PSI with your email service so their reply does not end up in Spam or Junk.  Lastly if you need help coming up with a study plan, tutoring or exam prep reach out to us we love getting students ready for exam day!
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