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What to Study for the Real Estate Exam: Tips and Resources | RE License Pro
Written by Kate Tofuri
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If you're preparing to take the real estate exam, congratulations! You're one step closer to becoming a licensed real estate agent. 

However, passing the exam can be a daunting task, and it's important to know what to study to give yourself the best chance of success. But before you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on real estate tutoring, check out some of these simple (and free!) tips to pass your real estate exam on the first try. 

In this article, we'll provide some tips and resources for what to study for the real estate exam.
1. Take a Pre-Licensing Course
Many states require you to complete a pre-licensing course before you can take the real estate exam. These courses cover the topics that will be on the exam, and can provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge. Even if your state doesn't require a pre-licensing course, it's a good idea to take one to ensure that you're fully prepared for the exam.

The MA real estate pre-licensing course at Host Group Real Estate Academy is the first step to get a mass real estate license. This class fulfills the requirement for the 40 hour real estate course in Massachusetts. 
2. Review the Exam Content Outline
You may be wondering: what questions are on the real estate exam? Before you start studying, it's important to review the exam content outline for your state. This outline will provide you with an overview of the topics that will be covered on the exam. You can typically find the content outline on your state's real estate regulatory agency website.

For example, you can find what will be on the Massachusetts real estate exam on the Examination Content Outline for PSI's Candidate Handbook.
3. Use Study Materials
There are a variety of study materials available for the real estate exam, including textbooks, online courses, and practice exams. Some popular study materials include Principles of Real Estate Practice by Stephen Mettling and David Cusic. Make sure to choose study materials that are specific to your state, as laws and regulations can vary by location.

YouTube is another valuable, convenient, and free resource for real estate tutoring online. You can find both national real estate exam practice as well as state specific review materials. 
4. Focus on Key Points
While it's important to have a broad understanding of all the topics on the exam, it's also a good idea to focus on key topics that are more heavily weighted, which you can find on your testing center's exam content outline. 

The national portion covers topics such as property ownership, contracts, and financing, while the state-specific portion covers Massachusetts real estate law and regulations. Be sure to allocate more study time to the topics that are heavily weighted on your state's exam.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice exams can be incredibly helpful in preparing for the real estate exam. They can help you get comfortable with the format of the exam, as well as identify areas where you need to focus your studying. 

Many study materials include practice exams, or you can find them online through websites such as RE License Pro , purchasing a review book with hundreds of real estate exam practice questions, or for free on YouTube with an experienced industry professional like Dee Kumar Online.

In conclusion, passing the real estate exam requires preparation and dedication, but may NOT require traditional real estate exam tutoring. By reviewing the exam content outline, taking a pre-licensing course, using study materials, focusing on key topics, and practicing with practice exams, you can give yourself the best chance of success without breaking the bank. 

Good luck on your exam and congratulations on taking the first step toward a career in real estate!
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Kate Tofuri

Kate is the Director of Operations and Student services at Host Group Real Estate Academy, one of the top-ranking real estate schools in Boston. She is a licensed Real Estate Broker with 10 years of experience in and around Boston, MA and the coastal communities of the South Shore specializing in residential sales and second homes. 

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