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By: Dee Kumar | RE License Pro
Real Estate Careers
In 2018, Ben Caballero sold 3,496 new homes worth $1.384 billion in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He broke the previous record the following year by selling 3,982 homes worth $1.569 billion. Real estate jobs may be lucrative, but they’re not for everyone. An estimated 10% of real estate agents account for 90% of all deals per year, which means the other 90% have to fight for the remaining 10% of the market.

However, there’s no need to worry — there’s more to a career in real estate than just becoming a first-rate agent. If you find yourself wondering what you can do with a real estate license, read on for a list of the top six alternative careers in real estate for agents!
1. Real Estate Investor
Real estate agent careers sometimes lead to profitable opportunities, like becoming a real estate investor. Donald Bren, Sun Hongbin, and Stephen Ross are the top three wealthiest real estate investors in the country, all worth billions of dollars. If you have a knack for investing, you can try your hand at becoming an active or passive real estate investor. 
2. Real Estate Lawyer
If you already have a license and would like to further your studies, you could consider an alternative real estate career as a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers perform a broad assortment of tasks such as documenting and reviewing transactions, resolving insurance and environmental issues and carrying out or defending against foreclosure
3. Foreclosure Specialist
Alternative careers real estate agents can pursue include foreclosure specialist roles for banks or private lenders, which entail high organizational skills. Foreclosure specialists ensure a foreclosure meets regulations, prepare documents, and communicate with authorities, attorneys, and vendors. 
4. Leasing Consultant
Jobs in real estate include openings for leasing consultants, who fill buildings with tenants. One of the most crucial tasks of leasing consultants is to promote unoccupied properties through various advertising methods. If you have advanced marketing and negotiating skills, this job is ideal for you. 
5. Managing Broker
Careers for real estate agents include managing broker roles, whose crucial task is to manage other agents. If you obtain your license and work for two or three years as a real estate agent, you can then work as a managing broker. If you have excellent management skills and prefer managing people over prospecting, you could thrive as a managing broker. 
6. Real Estate Consultant 
Your real estate expertise is invaluable to clients. With your license and experience, you can work as a real estate consultant, someone who provides investment and financial advice to clients interested in buying, selling, or investing in properties. A real estate consultant role involves market analysis and asset management. 
Your Real Estate Career
Real estate careers are not limited to real estate agent roles. If you feel like your true calling is in the real estate industry but not being an agent, there is a diverse selection of other jobs that will fit your experience and strengths. With hard work, discipline, and persistence, you can achieve your real estate career goals. 
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